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Feature only found in 1 client

#1 2012-08-05 05:28:23
Feature only found in 1 client
New member


Hi Digby Devs.

Im a very sad im user, my biggest problem is not how stable the client is because almost any client with xmpp is stable (Of what i've tried)

I've tried to go thru a list of xmpp clients to find the best program the be configurated by its color!

I ended up with the client Kadu as the best changeable program (But still haveing faults on that part)

But digsby is still so far i know very hardcore when it comes to optiions, look and feel and usability.. but i still look for a way to change the colors/theme as i want it and not another guy made it.. im not looking for a difficult guide or way to do it, but an easy method called "pick-and-see"


User goes to the apperance and can selext background of client:

Choose black

Then below is the text color and he choose white..

then there is the panel "Digsby, View, Tools, help"

He wants a grey text but red background.

Then in the menus he wants: Digsby menu to be red and text white
View is green and red text
Tools is white with black text
Help is Yellow with blue text

i hope for at feature in digsby that goes that deep, without makeing it hard for the user, but easy..

Also choosing between smooth or classic look of it all..

Besides of that, please if dont force me to use third part software to use it.. like (NET. FRAMEWORK)..

I hope you understand what i mean, otherwise please feel free to ask questions :)

#2 2012-08-06 08:21:28
Re: Feature only found in 1 client
New member


See nobody has reacted, so here i try showing an image of what i want to be changeable in digsby (Without the need of being a nerd) ((No offense))


1. Digsby client background color
2. Buddy group color (Could change between avaible, idle, away etc)
3. Own status.. could also be variable (Still chooseable for user)
4. Digsby client menu
5. Refer to 2.
6. Chat buddys status bar
7. Main chat background
8. Chat message bar
9. Chat tools (Sorry for not refering to the upper one too)
10. the windows window/frame.. would be nice if the user could change that too (I know that possible like in skype)

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