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Email notifications and icons have disappeared

#1 2012-11-29 15:23:59
Email notifications and icons have disappeared
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So I've been using Digsby for several years and I've loved it.  So convenient!  I normally keep three email icons in my toolbar with notifications for my three email accounts.

Yesterday, the email icons disappeared.  I restarted Digsby and restarted my computer, to no avail.  I then went into Digsby's preferences to make sure that the emails were set to be in the toolbar/notifications, and they are.  I did the same on my toolbar preferences for the OS.  I can't figure out how to make them come back!  This was a key feature for me, one of the main reasons I use Digsby.

If it helps, I'm on Windows 7 on a Dell Studio 1569.

EDIT:  Reinstalled Digsby and it fixed the problem.

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