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Widgets don't work

#1 2013-06-05 09:55:12
Widgets don't work
New member


When I go to the embedded widget the connection status shows "Connection Failed".

What is the problem?

Maybe the problem is in "http://w.digsby.com/dw.swf".

#2 2013-06-05 11:19:31
Re: Widgets don't work
Super Power User


The problem is they haven't worked in years and they no longer seem to either care or have the time to fix even the more serious bugs in Digsby.

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#3 2013-07-08 13:39:39
Re: Widgets don't work
New member


They were working for me in May and June. But, yes, mine have stopped working in the past week. Since Digsby admin seems to have abandoned the forum, does anyone know of an alternative client that also uses widgets? Meebo has gone out of business, and YahooMessenger discontinued its live chat widgets earlier in the year. Thanks!

#4 2013-07-18 15:47:25
Re: Widgets don't work
New member


According to the source, it reads from config.digsby.org, guest1.digsby.org, guest2.digsby.org and digsby.org for the actual server. The first 3, config, guest1, guest2, do not exist anymore. Digsby.org redirects to digsby.com.

Unless they release the server code for their widget, it'll never work. They shut the servers down that the widget was hosted on.

#5 2013-07-23 16:09:24
Re: Widgets don't work
Digsby Developer


Sorry, we're retiring the widget. It was originally going to have a little more time left in it but a issue rose up breaking it and it's proven more challenging than expected to return it to a functional state. Since it's so close to retirement anyway and our initial fix failed the decision was made to let it go.

Good news is returning the widget to Digsby is not a difficult project to re-implement as a plugin. If someone is interested in diving in and developing a widget plugin I can provide them with support and some resources.

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