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Homegrown versions / Facebook login issues?

#1 2015-07-08 21:06:18
Homegrown versions / Facebook login issues?
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While "official" support is obviously gone, are there any developers out there keeping the app updated for their own use?

Is there a list of places one could utilize such builds, in the hope that Digsby will continue to be useable for a while?

Beyond that, I'm more specifically having trouble connecting to Facebook messenger through Digsby. I get the login window and then a message saying my browser doesn't accept cookies. What browser is that by the way? I'm a web dev and have Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera and even Safari for windows, and all of them have cookies enabled.

Anyone have any tricks / updates to make Facebook messenger work again?

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#2 2015-07-15 14:31:38
Re: Homegrown versions / Facebook login issues?
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I'm guessing that it is it's own browser using the WebKit engine that comes with wxWindows which Digsby uses. Digsby was made open source in the hope for more input but I think that due to it bwing written in Python and not well documented nobody took up the challenge. As to Facebook there have been many changes made to it's api since Digsby was left to rot.

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